Alp Durmaz Besteci Composer

Alp Durmaz - Composer

Alp Durmaz was born in İstanbul/Turkey in 1974. He started studying music with private lessons until he entered Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts Composition Department in 1994. After his graduation in 2000, he continued his music studies with Turkey's leading composers and workshops he attended in Europe and Turkey. In 2010 and 2011, he won four prizes in International Music Prize Composition Award. His piece "The Infidel" was performed at Composers Cauldron which was organized by Klasik Keyifler in 2013 and this piece received many affirmative critiques. In 2014, Bustling was performed by pianist Nicolas Horvath at Glass Worlds event which was organized as a tribute to Philip Glass. This piece was also performed in Perpignan, Kiev, New York Carnegie Hall, and Netherlands. In 2015, "Asylum Confessions" was performed at Sureyya Opera House, and "Mental Diversions" was performed in Cappadocia. His solo violin work "Episodes" was was also performed by Ellen Jewett in 2015. In the same year, the composer was commissioned for two pieces by 16th Antalya International Piano Festival. In 2016, he initiated Ortak Sesler project. Within the scope of this project, the composer used elements of Turkish Folk Music. Within the scope of this project, 12 concerts were organized and the project received many affirmative criques by academicians and audience. CD recording of Ortak Sesler was released in 2016. In the same year, Alp Durmaz entered a competition which aims to add the winning works to New Chamber Music's portfolio. He won this competition, which only 15% of the works were accepted, with "The Infidel". In 2016, he composed music for the theatre play GODOB. He was commissioned by Yunus Emre Wind Quintet and this piece was performed in Eskişehir in November 2016. He was also commissioned for two pieces by two Portuguese choirs, Condurece and ESART Singers to be performed in 2017 May. These pieces will be premiered in Lisbon and Castelo Branco. In 2017, "Asylum Confessions" was chosen as one of 50 works eligible to be played on Et Lux Radio out of 6000 works submitted. Some of this works are on sale on music publisher Seconda Prattica's website.